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Improving Pediatric Dental Care

We conducted a quick research on how to improve pediatric dental health by enhancing the dentist visit experience. But, is that all it takes to improve children’s dental health? Or does it take a systemic approach to create bigger impacts at scale? Find out more here.


Improving Financial Adoption for Micro Segment

What is the better way to help micro-entrepreneurs in rural Indonesia to fully utilise the financial system? We have 8 practical recommendations to help financial institutions address those challenges. Get the report here.


The New Wave: Gen Z Entrepreneurs

We conducted quick research on Gen-Z entrepreneurs and aimed to get inspiration to spark further thoughts and innovative ideas around this space. Download the report here.


Customer Experience Cookbook

We know user experience is too important for every business to be ignored. But we recognize not all businesses have dedicated team to do this or have the budget to hire consultants. This DIY toolkit provides step-by-step guidance for anyone to do a simple UX Audit yourself. Get the toolkit here.



Reimagining Indonesia’s Healthcare Journey in 2030

We attempt to reimagine the journey by looking into Indonesians’ attitude towards healthcare, future trends and the government current policy. Find out more here.



How has COVID19 affected the way Indonesians live?

Covid-19 has been around Indonesia for months. How the pandemic changes Indonesian? Find out more here.

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