Broad Expertise.

Local Knowledge.

We have a wide experience in experience design and strategy, with locally-rooted
knowledge. We pride ourselves for being a true design partner to our clients committed to
quality and focused on collaboration.

CX Innovation for C2C Courier Services

Product & Service Design, Logistic, Consumer Products, Research, Strategy

Digital Finance for All: Understanding The Digital Onboarding of Unbanked and Underbanked

Product & Service Design, Tech & Telecom, Government, Research, Digital Interaction, Financial Services

Discovering Global Opportunities for International Podcast Streaming Platform

Tech & Telecom, Consumer Products, Research, Strategy

Somia CX’s Insight E-Book: Financial and Tech Adoption for Indonesia’s Micro Segment

Financial Services, Strategy, Product & Service Design, Tech & Telecom, Research, Digital Interaction, Retail & E-commerce

Designing Sarinah Digital Retail Experience

Digital Interaction, Retail & E-commerce, Testing & Evaluation

Designing an E-commerce Product Strategy for Rural

Product & Service Design, Research, Retail & E-commerce, Strategy