Senior Consultant - Product & Service Innovation

We are looking for a Senior Consultant (Product & Service Innovation) with strong design research skills and a deep design background to join our studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

If you are a curious practitioner with an impressive product and service strategy portfolio and a passion for uncovering insights about customers and translating them into thoughtful and meaningful design solutions to improve human experiences, you might be the candidate we are looking for!

Please send your resume along with work samples (<5MB) or a link to your portfolio to

Work samples guide:

  • Focus on 3-4 projects that you think best showing your capability
  • Elaborate the challenge or problem you are trying to solve in the project
  • Explain about design decision taken in creating or developing the solution

Job Description

As a Senior Consultant (Product & Service Innovation), you will work with the team on strategic and design projects. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Contributing to and confidently articulating the value of design with other team members through proposal making and client presentations.
  • Skillfully managing internal and external project management, including managing client expectations, planning work with the team, and ensuring high-quality and timely deliverables.
  • Planning, leading, and conducting design research, such as field ethnography, group discussions, co-creation, diary studies, prototyping and iterative testing.
  • Leading other researchers, designers, and freelancers to execute research plans within projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Synthesizing research results to derive meaningful insights and imperatives that will drive strategy and design solutions.
  • Confidently leading and facilitating innovation workshops internally, with clients, or at events.
  • Translate insights into product & service innovation strategy and implementation 
  • Designing innovative experiences as a team for all customer touchpoints across the experience journey, whether physical, digital, or service experiences.
  • Ability to effectively direct and communicate with relevant stakeholders (business, design, technical, operations) to ensure the viability and feasibility of the solutions

Candidate Requirements

  • Minimum of 5-7 years of experience in scoping, leading, and conducting user research, in close collaboration with design teams. A strong portfolio showcasing design work is required.
  • Relevant education in design, communication, psychology, anthropology, or an equivalent professional qualification.
  • Empathetic, open-minded, and enjoy observing people. Able to have conversations with new people on a wide range of topics to uncover their stories and values.
  • Constantly curious, highly critical, and skilled at spotting patterns and making connections between seemingly unrelated data. Capable of transforming them into meaningful and actionable insights and opportunities.
  • Strong and confident presentation and writing skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Possess impeccable storytelling abilities to present research insights that inspire others.
  • Creative and constantly generating ideas and solutions to improve processes. Eager to explore new concepts and stay updated with the latest design and technology trends.
  • A team player with a desire to contribute to the success of others. Also capable of taking on leadership roles.
  • Passionate and actively engaging (sharing and participating) with local and overseas design communities and peers to enhance personal and company branding, and identify potential projects and talents.
  • Proactive and able to work independently, comfortable navigating through ambiguous situations.
  • Open to giving and receiving critiques, and willing to learn from failures.